Miami May Be Facing A Water Crisis

Miami May Be Facing A Water Crisis

A recent story by Bloomberg News paints a grim picture of Miami’s water future. According to reporter Christopher Flavelle, not only are rising water levels threatening miles of coastline and some of the city’s most valuable real estate, there’s also the concern that the water supply is in danger. From toxic algae blooms to the potential release of chemicals from superfund sites, Miami has a lot of work to do to provide safe drinking water for its residents.

As Flavelle explains, Miami is built on an aquifer which provides most of the fresh water to the city and surrounding areas. Flooding from storms threatens the safety of this water by pushing toxins from underground superfund sites into the groundwater supply. These chemicals, according to the story, include arsenic, cyanide, mercury, nickel, lead, cadmium, chromium, chloroform, and oil. While Miami has systems in place to regularly test and treat water, predictions of increased flooding over the next 30 years may inundate current facilities.

Another issue, summarized by Flavelle, is the overwhelmed waste-management system. Installing sewer lines seemed too expensive during the height of Miami’s development, so they relied on septic tanks. These tanks drain out the liquids while the solids are pumped out. Typically, the liquids can be filtered through gravity and time. But, with flooding, this process isn’t running the entire cycle. This has resulted in E. coli bacteria in the aquifer.

Finally, and maybe most concerning, is the rise of sea level. Saltwater intrusion is on track to overwhelm intake valves and affect the aquifer and water supply.

This is a complicated issue with no immediate or easy fix. Safe drinking water is essential for good health and a good life. Because of environmental issues, aging infrastructure, and too many things beyond our control, our cities are struggling to provide what we require. That’s why King Water Filtration believes that taking control of your own water quality is the best way to ensure that you, your family, and your pets will be safe.