Do you have city water or well water?

Here's Why our King Water Filtration Systems are BETTER THAN OTHER SYSTEMS on the Market


The Wayde King Water Filtration system ionizer converts the hard sticky Calcium Bicarbonate contained in municipal drinking water into Calcium Aragonite, a healthy water soluble form of calcium that will not stick to pipes or plumbing fixtures. The benefits will decrease utility bills, make household cleaning easier, and greatly extend the life of your appliances.


Ionization DOES NOT use synthetic material that can breakdown in the water. Other systems that use synthetic descaling media often require two or more tanks.
We Keep it Natural with Just One Tank.


Our systems produce no harmful byproducts and has ABSOLUTELY ZERO environmental impact.


There is NO SALT to replace and NO FILTERS to replace for the life of the system.


Calcium and magnesium minerals to ensure a healthy alkaline balance for your household drinking water.


Your household investment by magnetically ionizing the water to eliminate hard water scale that accumulates in your pipes, water heaters, appliances and plumbing fixtures.

If you don't believe us,
read what our customers say...

  • Susan Q.
    Definitely works as described, my water tastes greats, feels great in the shower and it makes cleaning much easier. We live in the South West where the water is the very hard and full of chlorine and other contaminants. After trying several other much more expensive brands in our 6500 sq. ft custom home, we were always led to disappointment. Thank You KWF for making a total package solution. - Actual Customer
    Susan Q.
  • Stephan
    This system was easy to install, my wife really likes the feel of the water without the slimy feel of a salt system, it also gave us great tasting water in the entire home. - Actual Customer
  • Shawn S.
    We were looking at getting a water softener for our home when we came across the Wayde King whole home water filtration system. We were impressed that for a similar price point, we could get a product that softens water AND filters water. The system was easy to install and we have been thrilled with the quality of water we are getting. It feels great and it tastes great. I will absolutely recommend this product to others. - Actual Customer
    Shawn S.
  • I installed my new King whole house water filter a month ago and it is working perfectly. This filter was almost half the price I was quoted by a local company for a similar filter system. The taste and smell of my water has improved a lot. We are in Phoenix so the water was really bad without this filter. This unit has a backwash function so there is no need for tracking your water usage and changing out disposable filters. I was able to install the filter myself but I have some experience with plumbing. If you are not familiar with plumbing you should probably hire a professional especially if you don't have an existing softener loop to tie into. The backwash tube is pretty short but I was able to find a longer matching tube at Home Depot to reach my washer box. Other than that the provided installation fittings worked perfectly. In all I am very happy with my filter and would recommend it. - Actual Customer
  • This is a fantastic product. You can have all the health benefit of Alkalinity water from every faucet in your house for less than what some companies charge for a single kitchen faucet unit. Add the unheard of in the industry 20 year warranty and never have to change filters this is a win win benefit for both your pocket book and good health. - Actual Customer
  • I wanted to improve myself and live a healthier life so I threw out my water softener and purchased the Wayde King Water Filtration System. Since then my breathing has improved, my clothes are softer and no more trips to the store to get salt or potassium. I think it's awesome that this product is for your entire house and not just for drinking but literally for showering too. My baths are the best and my skin is silky smooth after. - Actual Customer
  • Dear Wayde King,
    We are loving this water filter system.

    Our water tastes so good that we stopped buying bottled water. I like the fact that I can drink water from any faucet in the house and still get great tasting water and no worries about chemicals in the municipal water. I was nervous about spending $3,000 on something like this, but it was worth every penny. I will definitely recommend this system to my family and friends. I'm also amazed that we can run water in multiple locations at the same time with no drop in pressure.  Great product! Five Stars!

    Thank you so much for a great product.

    Scott B
  • We absolutely love our new home water filtration system from King Water Filtration. Our water has never tasted better! The installation process was painless and perfect. We highly recommend King Water Filtration over any of its competitors.
    Dale S.
  • We've had our Wayde King Water Filtration for two weeks now and it's fantastic! In fact, we have the "5 Stage Municipal Water Filtration and Conditioning System that treats up to 3 bathrooms." I love that there is literally no maintenance for 20 years and my husband loves the fact that he won't have to carry 40-pound bags of salt home. What we've noticed the most is the taste of our water -- it's great! And, unlike our old system, it's literally coming out of every faucet. The old system only supplied water to a spigot on our sink and our refrigerator spout. If I wanted to brush my teeth I'd have to carry a glass of water upstairs. I also noticed our pets are drinking more water! Washing our clothes is better because we're using less detergent. Showering is also pretty amazing. You don't get that slippery, slimy feeling you do with softened water. Just a nice, clean experience and less products are needed. I can definitely see a difference on my skin. I highly recommend this product and Wayde King Water Filtration!
    Ann S.