Shake Off Salt-Based Filtration with KWF: The Salt-Free Solution

Apr 08 , 2024

Shake Off Salt-Based Filtration with KWF: The Salt-Free Solution

Hard water – it’s the bane of sparkling dishes, the enemy of happy skin and the archnemesis of efficient appliances. Often, the go-to remedy is a salt-based water filtration system, a choice that entails a lifelong commitment to constant salt refills and an increase in sodium usage. However, an innovative alternative deserves attention: salt-free water conditioning.

Salt-based water systems stand as a tried-and-true solution against the tribulations of hard water, a common adversary to gleaming dishes, joyful skin and high-performing appliances. These systems exchange the healthy calcium minerals with sodium chloride, softening the water and addressing the nuisances hard water brings into our homes, such as stubborn soap scum and inefficiency in household appliances. For a refresher, check out our blog on ion exchange.

But this method does have drawbacks. Introducing additional sodium into the water raises concerns, particularly for individuals adhering to low-sodium diets or those mindful of their sodium intake for health reasons. Also, maintaining salt-based systems demands a regular commitment to refilling the salt, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

Forefront of Salt-Free Technology

King Water’s filtration and conditioning systems are at the forefront of salt-free technology, employing innovative methods such as phosphorus injection for spot and scale sequestering and catalytic ionization to prevent hard water minerals from binding and building up. These processes cleverly prevent buildup of calcium and magnesium, sparing you from the negative aspects of salt-based systems. This means you can enjoy the benefits of soft water without the salty side effects or the nuisance of having to drag those heavy bags from the store.

There are many advantages to salt-free water filtration systems. They are a maintenance marvel, eliminating the need for constant salt refills and brine tank upkeep, which translates to lower maintenance requirements and long-term peace of mind. These systems are a godsend for those on sodium-restricted diets or those who wish to reduce their sodium intake, providing pure water without the added sodium. They’re also an eco-conscious choice, helping to conserve water and reduce environmental impact by doing away with the need for brine production and wastewater disposal. And despite being salt-free, these systems do not compromise performance, effectively removing hardness from water while still benefiting your skin, hair, dishes, clothing and appliances.

King Water Filtration systems do more than address water hardness. Our salt-free systems can be paired with additional filtration stages to remove contaminants such as chlorine, VOCs, heavy metals, fluoride and many others,offering a tailored and thorough water purification solution.

King Water Filtration stands ready to assist you in selecting the best water filtration system for your needs. We provide a range of salt-free systems designed to cater to your specific requirements by considering factors such as water quality, which can be determined through professional testing; household size, ensuring the system can handle your daily water use; and desired features, including multistage filtration, reverse osmosis or UV disinfection for targeted treatment.

If you want to overcome the limitations of salt-based systems, King Water Filtration's salt-free technology offers a welcoming alternative. It promises the convenience, health benefits and environmental friendliness of pure, soft water throughout your home without the burdens of added salt or maintenance. Choosing King Water Filtration's salt-free solutions is more than a choice for clean water – it's a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family.

There’s no better filtration system on the market to protect you and your family's water than King Water. Whether for a city or well system, our filters eliminate contaminants ranging from turbidity and chlorine to heavy metals and PFAS. Our systems require zero maintenance and are backed with up to a 20-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making them an easy choice to complement the other actions listed above. To get started, fill out our contact form or call us at 1-855-957-2166, and well set up your free consultation. You can also purchase King Water Filtration systems through The Home Depot.