Think Outside the Tap: Creative Ways to Save Water

Oct 20 , 2023

Think Outside the Tap: Creative Ways to Save Water

When diving into the realm of clean water advocacy, you often get the same advice again and again: Take shorter showers, call your representatives, repair leaks at home, etc.


While these traditional methods have proven effective, it can be annoying to hear the same factoids repeatedly. Why not try something new? Approaching this vital issue from fresh angles can shake things up and raise awareness in new and exciting ways. So, let's dive into some unconventional yet impactful ways to advocate for clean water in your community.

Make information packets for local officials.

In today's digital age, personal touches can leave lasting impressions. Your elected officials and community leaders are continuously seeking feedback from their constituents, and that includes you. Consider assembling an information packet detailing water concerns specific to your area. Personalizing it with local data, stories or experiences will make for a more impactful reading experience. Rather than sending your packet via email or snail mail, schedule a face-to-face meeting. Handing over your findings lets your representative put a face to your name and ensures that your concerns don't get lost in a digital avalanche.

Spot community leaks.

Every drop counts! If you notice a leaking hydrant or a faulty fixture in a public space, don't walk by thinking it's someone else's problem. Don’t wait, report the leak to your local watershed management group, parks and recreation department, or city government. Just googling ‘report a leak’ will point you in the right direction. This not only saves water, but could also save your community money that can be channeled into other essential projects.

The dishwasher advantage.

It's time to dispel a common myth: While scrubbing dishes might feel like a water-conscious act, it’s actually better to use the dishwasher. Modern dishwashers are designed for efficiency, and they often use significantly less water than hand-washing. So, next time you're debating whether to load up the dishwasher or roll up your sleeves, kick your feet up and think of the bigger water-saving picture.

Loading dishwasher to save water.

Embrace WaterSense products.

Ever heard of the EPA's WaterSense program? It's a fantastic initiative that informs consumers about water-saving products, from efficient showerheads to smart sprinkler systems. As you're exploring whole-home water filtration options, why not delve into other areas of your home that can benefit from water conservation? WaterSense products can make a significant change for your monthly bills and the environment. And if you're feeling generous, these products make thoughtful, ecofriendly gifts for loved ones.

Halloween water advocacy.

As the spooky season approaches, let's get creative with advocacy! Have you ever seen pollution come knocking at your door? This Halloween, consider dressing up as water pollution – a visual representation of contaminants could be both educational and memorable. Share the significance of your costume with curious minds. If dressing up isn't your thing, set up a filtered water station for thirsty trick-or-treaters who come knocking. You can quench their thirst and give parents a break from the sugar rush: Everyone wins! Use biodegradable cups to help cut down on post-Halloween trash. 

Clean water advocacy comes in many, many forms. As consumers and community members, your voice and actions can resonate in unexpected, impactful ways. Whether it's through engaging local officials, making conscious consumer choices or even coming up with a fun twist on Halloween celebrations, there's an ocean of opportunities to promote clean water. So, as you make strides in ensuring better water quality and conservation for all, remember to let your advocacy ripple out into your community. Dive in, get creative and make waves for cleaner water!

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