Drought’s Impact on Water Quality

Nov 27 , 2023

Drought’s Impact on Water Quality

Drought: It’s a part of life, and you might see more of it soon. Starting this year and into 2024, the El Niño weather phenomenon is set to reshape weather patterns, ushering in warmer and drier conditions, particularly across Canada and the American Northwest.


With this, many areas may implement water restrictions and other tactics to manage any resulting droughts. While water conservation is incredibly important during such times, it's equally important to consider the implications on the water we consume. Does drought affect water quality?

The phenomenon of drought significantly affects water quality in several ways. As water levels drop, contaminants such as heavy metals and chlorine become more concentrated, directly affecting the taste and overall quality of the water. This problem can be compounded by natural sources, too. Because the ground isn’t being replenished with rains, soil runoff can become a big issue during droughts. That soil runoff can carry fertilizers into the water supply, which can lead to algal blooms, further degrading water quality and hurting the aquatic environment.

But the story doesn’t stop there. The reduced water volume during drought means that water treatment facilities have to work harder to filter out these concentrated contaminants. If these facilities are overwhelmed and cannot cope with the additional strain, the quality of the water they supply can suffer significantly. To keep water treatment facilities from feeling the strain, drought conditions can lead municipalities to switch their water sources to meet demand. These alternative sources, like groundwater, may introduce a different set of contaminants, presenting new challenges in maintaining water quality.

Dealing with drought conditions can seem like a big deal, but with the right preparation, you’ll be more than ready. If you live in an area likely to be affected by possible forthcoming El Niño-induced droughts, why not take proactive steps to safeguard your water quality? A King Water Filtration system offers a reliable solution, ensuring that the water in your home remains clean, safe and pleasant tasting, regardless of external conditions. By investing in a comprehensive home water filtration system, you can mitigate the challenges posed by drought, ensuring peace of mind and the health and well-being of your family.

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