Microorganisms, Parasites, Cysts, Bacteria, and VIRUSES!!!


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(11-Stage) Reverse Osmosis Alkaline w/Quantum Disinfection™
(11-Stage) Reverse Osmosis Alkaline w/Quantum Disinfection™

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(11-Stage) Reverse Osmosis Alkaline w/Quantum Disinfection™

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Now that the Coronavirus has been declared a global health emergency, many of us have questions about how to protect ourselves from possible exposure?

How is the Coronavirus Transmitted?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that primarily are spread from person-to-person contact. This highly-contagious virus has an incubation period of two weeks, or even longer, which enables the virus to be spread easily, often resulting in severe respiratory illness with fever, cough and extreme breathing difficulties.

Much is still unknown about how the Coronavirus spreads, including how long the virus can survive on surfaces, air and in water. And because animals played a part in the spread of MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and the Sarscoronoavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) is closely watching to see if animals will play a part in transmitting the Coronavirus, as well.

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Can Viruses and Diseases be Spread by Water?

YES, they most certain can!!! Viruses and Diseases can spread through water. In fact, waterborne viruses and bacteria cause hundreds of millions of people to become afflicted with diseases each year, simply because they drank contaminated water.

The US National Library of Medicine states that water-transmitted viral pathogens are considered a significant health concern by WHO. Dangerous waterborne viruses and diseases include meningitis, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, SARs, hepatitis A and E viruses, Typhoid, and many more.


How to Remove Viruses from Drinking Water

A Quantum Disinfection Filtration System can KILL 99.99% of harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, cysts and parasites) to help ensure all water in your home is free of dangerous disease causing microorganisms.

Quantum Disinfection™ is a revolutionary, patented technology that is NSF 42 component certified. Quantum Disinfection™ uses quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create surface catalytic sites. So Quantum Disinfection™ it doesn’t just “knock it out” temporarily, it completely “Terminates” microorganisms on a cellular level, so as that they can no longer reproduce or resurrect.

Before now, to disinfect water, users had to plug in a ultra violet device or introduce chemicals into the water. Quantum Disinfection™ does away with all of that and offers a safer, and much more reliable solution to efficiently kill bacteria, parasites, cysts, and viruses.

Water simply has to pass over the Quantum Disinfection™ media surface and the bacteria are instantly destroyed through a catalytic electron exchange. Disinfection can now be achieved with no power, no chemicals and no maintenance.

Many people choose to install a Quantum Disinfection™ as an added layer of protection, even if a home receives water from the city, because the public water system is often vulnerable to impurities leaching in. Quantum Disinfection™ is considered to be a safe, economical, and a chemical-free way of disinfecting your water.

Don’t gamble with traditional UV treatment systems that only work efficiently when situations are ideal and are dependent on electrical power to work. Quantum Disinfection™ does not need electricity, has a longer life span, and is more efficient than those UV systems of the past.

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