Platinum 6-Stage Municipal Water Treatment System


Platinum 6-Stage Municipal Water Treatment System

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6-Stage Municipal Water Treatment System

Stage 1: KDF 55

Removes chlorine, microorganisms, and heavy metals. This helps raise pH and inhibit bacterial growth. KDF also controls hard water scale and algae formation by killing waterborne bacteria, parasites, cysts, and viruses.

Stage 2: KDF 85

Removes chlorine, chloramines, chlorinated hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, iron, and metals like lead, aluminum, mercury, and cadmium.

Distribution technologies increase efficiency and filtration capacity.

Stage 3: Mineral Stone

This natural mineral stone significantly reduces sediment and turbidity drastically increasing filtration efficiency and capacity up to 300%. Mineral Stone also helps to conserve the amount of water needed for backwashing and regeneration making the Platinum System one of the most eco-friendly water treatment systems on the market today.

Stage 4: Jacobi Hi-Activity Catalytic Carbon

Removes chlorine, chloramines, bromate, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, biological and chemical contaminants.

Microporous structure provides Jacobi Carbon a much longer service life than lower grades of carbons found in most other systems. Minimizes carbon dusting for easier setup and installation.

The highest grade of carbon available for drinking water filtration.

Stage 5: Mineral Stone Quartz

Naturally removes dirt and sedimentation.

Equalizes water flow and backwashing efficiency.

Increases backwashing efficiency.

Holds back precipitates which contain impurities.

Stage 6: Multi-Polarity Scale Reducing Ionizer

Significantly reduces hard water scale formation.

Greatly extends the life of appliances and expensive plumbing fixtures.

Creates better lathering of soaps and detergents.

Reduced water spotting on dishes, countertops, faucets and showers.

An environmentally friendly solution. No more need to worry about those salt based systems that are unhealthful and hazardous to your health.

Proprietary Vortechâ„¢ Plate

Increases contact time of water and media, providing for more comprehensive water filtration.

Conserves water as less backwash pressure is needed.

Increases filter life and efficiency by comprehensively removing contaminants collected from filtered water.

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1-3 Bathrooms, 4-6 Bathrooms

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  1. Bob Katz

    Adam did a great job helping me out. The filters cleaned up my water getting rid of the sulfur smell and Arsenic we are now drinking our water from any tap in the house. Thank you!!

  2. Gwendolyn Campbell

    We have had our system for several weeks and we love it. The King Water Filtration customer service has been super delivering our system after nine at night. For seniors our service couldn’t be better.

  3. David Mitsuda

    Our salesman did a terrific job in getting our Wayde King Water Filtration system installed in our house in two days. My wife noticed the difference in the great water taste from all the faucets especially from the kitchen faucet. No spots on glass cups and the slimy feeling on your skin. I wished we met King Water Filtration earlier and could have saved a lot of money. We will recommend Wayde King Water Filtration system to all our friends and families. THANK YOU KING WATER FILTRATION!!!

  4. Eric Simandl

    Great system! We are very happy with it! We recommended to everyone.

  5. Eric Simandl

    We are totally satisfied with the Wade King system. Installation was quick and efficient and the improvement in our water was definitely noticeable. It was everything King Water Filtration said it would be.

  6. Juan Ayala

    Great product and customer service!

  7. Michelle Maxwell

    I purchased a system from Sam’s Club on Serene. The salesman at King Water Filtraton explained the system in great detail and I couldn’t pass it up with the special pricing. He saved me tons of money buying from their limited time in-store offer versus the website. I had a salt system and no longer have to buy any salt. No maintenance for 10 years and it’s 100% guaranteed through Sam’s Club. I love my system and will never go back to a water softener. No more slimy feeling after a bath and my skin feels amazing!

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