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4-Stage Well Water Filtration and Conditioning Systems

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Iron and sulfur are common nuisances in households using well water. These elements can cause orange and yellow staining on appliances, bathroom fixtures, laundry and more. Sulfur can overwhelm your home with the smell of rotten eggs. Yuck. Our well water systems are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, require no chemicals, and are safe to use with septic systems. The Wayde King Eco Well System helps prevent hard water scale formation while removing or reducing contaminants such as iron, sulfur, and manganese. Management of scale buildup due to hard water will greatly extend the life of plumbing and appliances throughout the entire home, saving your family money on costly replacement and repairs. Most importantly, our systems will provide your family with consistent quality water for many years, and we guarantee it with our industry leading 10-year warranty.

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 10 year all-inclusive warranty
  • No salt and no potassium
  • Extends the life plumbing and appliances by preventing and removing hard water scale
  • Iron removal up to 10 PPM
  • Sulfur Removal Up To 10 PPM
  • Manganese removal up to 3 ppm
  • No more stains on walkways, driveways or the side of your home
  • Eco friendly by conserving water and electricity
  • Natural Filtration Media
  • Safe for use in all water heater types, even tankless
  • Certified to be compliant for use in all areas that have banned the use of water softeners
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Reviews (8)


  1. Kim Jenkins

    The salesman took wonderful care of us. It’s so nice not to travel to refill water bottles all the time, and the water taste delicious! We are thrilled with our King Water Filtration system that we purchased thru Sam’s Club! Highly recommend you look into getting this system!

  2. Trish Christoffersen

    So far, so good! The water tastes SO much better since I got the Wayde King water filtration system. And the nice thing is…it’s NOT a water softener, so I don’t have that icky slimy feeling when I get out of the shower. The salesman was amazing to work with and I look forward to a lot of years with this system!

  3. lambmich

    This whole house water filtration system instantly changed our water quality. You can feel, taste and smell the amazing improvement in water quality immediately after install. My wife loves how soft her skin and hair feel now with this new system, and I love being able to drink spring alkaline water from every single faucet in my home. The best part is, no salt or potassium to mess with, no maintenance and a 10-year guarantee backed by Sam’s Club. Wayde King Water Filtration is the best value hands down. Highly recommended to everyone!

  4. Walt Vercoe

    Love our filtration system, great water directly from the tap! No more plastic water bottles. No more salt pellets. The salesman was great staying in touch throughout and ensuring delivery and installation was successful. We will be recommending to friends and family.

  5. Ofelia Gabriel

    The water we get from this wayde king filtration system is awesome In the past I hate drinking plain water When I started using this filtration system I have been drinking 10 glasses and more each day without any hesitation. I got it from Sam’s club. I highly recommend it.

  6. Tommy Kuo

    It is a very good system. It give me 8.2 ph alkaline water highly recommend.

  7. Brenda Karatas

    Want to say thank you for my new whole house water system. Was installed quickly, and appreciated the follow up to test the water to make sure all is well. Now I have alkaline water from all the facets. Also like to say thank you for the great coconut water that he gave me. It is Coco taps from Coco Vinny, was the best ever coconut water that I have had.

  8. Gregory Timm

    We replaced our Water Softener and filter equipment of 20 years and already realize Incredible benefits! in a few weeks, both my wife and I have lost a few pounds (no salt in the water), water is ph balanced and tastes great, feels great (not slimy like salt water) and now maintenance free! Thanks for the Incredible Customer Service!

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