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4-Stage Municipal Water Filtration and Conditioning Systems

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WAYDE KING WATER FILTRATION provides a system that requires No Salt or Potassium, No Filters to change, and requires No Maintenance during its entire ten year warranty period. The ECO Series Municipal System delivers fresh, spring-quality, alkaline drinking water to every faucet in your home. The ECO Series Municipal Water Refinement System is a single tank comprehensive solution for your entire household that will remove contaminants such as Chlorine, THMs, Heavy Metals, Volatile Organic Compounds, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Pharmaceuticals. Our patented Anti-Scale Ionizer prevents hard water scale build-up on your plumbing fixtures and extends the life of your expensive appliances without the use of synthetic materials such as polyphosphates, commonly found in most other Salt-Free multi-tank systems. Ionized water will also assist to provide healthy pH balanced drinking water. The Wayde King Eco- Line systems are truly the best value available in the industry Buy a name you can trust, WAYDE KING WATER FILTRATION.

  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 10-Year All Inclusive Warranty
  • No Salt and No Potassium
  • No maintenance required for the entire warranty period
  • Better than bottled quality spring quality alkaline water from every faucet
  • No reverse osmosis system needed. Extends the life plumbing and appliances by preventing and removing hard water scale
  • Eco-Friendly by conserving water and electricity
  • All natural filtration media recommended for all tankless water heaters
  • Certified to be compliant for use in all areas that have banned the use of water softeners

Reviews (21)


  1. Gregory Timm

    We replaced our Water Softener and filter equipment of 20 years and already realize Incredible benefits! in a few weeks, both my wife and I have lost a few pounds (no salt in the water), water is ph balanced and tastes great, feels great (not slimy like salt water) and now maintenance free! Thanks King Water Filtration for the Incredible Customer Service!

  2. Jonathan Caffey

    Their Water Specialist sold us the Wade King Water Filtration whole house system. SO APPRECIATE the effects of efficiency, health benefits, savings (cleaning products, plumbing hardware). We had H2O Concepts for a few years in the past and finally closed it down when the filter stopped working. With the King system, we have alkaline in every faucet and the ph recommended water. Without contaminants that could be toxic. The mechanism is carefree and serves the whole house making it a dream product. We are extremely satisfied customers who appreciate King Water Filtration personal follow up and customer care!

  3. Brenda Ellis

    Excellent water and taste amazing. The best thing about this system is Zero maintenance!

  4. Linda Nardozzi


  5. A Sett

    We purchased this filtration system about 2 months ago replacing our water softener and we are very pleased with it. My brother works at the at LV Water District and took a water same for testing, results were chlorine and bacteria free. I especially like the fact I no longer have to purchase and lug home those 40 pound bags of salt and bo linger buy bottled water. I would definitely recommend this water filtration system.

  6. Maria Novoa

    I have notice the difference in my skin and hair, water is great and KWF Water Specialist came to my house to visit and test my water. Very happy with my water system.

  7. Marjorie Jones

    King Water Filtration gives excellent customer service. He is very knowledgeable and if he does not know the answer, he will research it and follow-up expeditiously. The water is now alkaline and free of VOC’s, which is extremely important to me and why I purchased the product. I am looking forward to enjoying optimal health with the addition of this product to my home.

  8. Jon Macek

    The water is amazing, helps prevents kidney and gallstones. It a marvelous taste to it.

  9. Bianca Gilmer

    This is the ideal Water Filtration model to install in your home. As an AP science teacher, I have studied the history of contaminants and pollutants in the water and conducted field research with other scientists to better understand what it is we are actually drinking on a daily basis. The issue is that it is not pure water that is free of contaminants, so we are not reaping all of the health benefits that we would receive from drinking alkaline water. If you want great tasting water that will offer full hydration benefits (i.e. balanced pH levels), while reducing free radicals in your body (i.e. free radicals increase your risk of cancer), and without the hassle of adding single-use plastics to the environment; then this is a key step towards whole health wellness. Additionally, by drinking alkaline water daily, it will nourish your body internally which leads to better, glowing skin, which is what we all want to look more youthful.

  10. Edward Benson

    Excellent service and post installation water testing

  11. Ted Jimenez

    Customer service was great at explains everything in an easy to understand way! Love the water and love the techs who installed the system!

  12. Pat Frei

    The water taste good. So far so good. I’m waiting on the extra machine to help my minerals before adding water to my saltwater aquarium. I’ll update you later on that. To be continued.

  13. Chris Gauthier

    The King Water Filtration system has been a great addition to our new home! The quality and taste of our water has been improved dramatically! Showers are better and water spot clean up is a lot easier!

  14. Nathaniel McCloud

    The salesman and his team were great to work with. The filtration system is working great and would definitely purchase again.

  15. Ashley Deter

    (Translated by Google) We love water and our family drinks water from all the taps in our house. My daughters and I love them because they make our skin softer and our hair softer. We bought it at Sam’s Club. (Original) Amamos el agua y nuestra familia bebe agua de todos los grifos de nuestra casa. Mis hijas y yo nos encantan porque hacen que nuestra piel sea más suave y el cabello más suave. Lo compramos en Sam’s Club

  16. Shiac Chou

    We enjoy in our new home spring alkaline water in every faucet thanks to King Water Filtration and we recommend to purchase the whole house water filtration system from Sam’s Club.

  17. Sarah Carter

    My husband and I found this amazing system at Sam’s Club in Gilbert Arizona. The salesman told us that we would get better than Fiji water in every faucet in our home. He wasn’t lying like most people that sell you a water system. I want to give this product 3 thumbs up. We recommend everyone that shops at Sam’s club to purchases this system.???

  18. Beth Thompson

    Water tastes great!!! No calcium build up! Skin feels much better…I highly recommend it. Your salesman is awesome. My husband drinks lots of water and loves the water!

  19. David Rodriguez Porras

    I purchased this system from Sam’s club for my family and the water is amazing! No more trips to the store, my family enjoys spring alkaline water! My wife’s hair is much smoother and her skin is much softer. Thanks, I couldn’t done it without you!

  20. Jessica Yeh

    (Translated by Google) I really like this system and the water quality is very satisfactory. (Original) 我 很喜欢这个系统 ,水质很满意。

  21. Gwendolyn Campbell

    We have had our system for several weeks and we love it. Your salesman has been super delivering our system after nine at night. For seniors our service couldn’t be better.

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