Home Testing For Water Contaminants

Home Testing For Water Contaminants

It’s vital to know what’s in your drinking water. Whether it’s coming from a municipal water source or a well, you deserve to know what’s in the water you drink, cook with, and bathe in.

The good news is, do-it-yourself water testing is easier than ever. You can use your senses or get scientific, or both. Chances are, you’ll be very surprised with the results.

If you want to test your water by using your senses, you can utilize a Smell and Taste Method. Here are the steps:

  • Pour a glass of water from the tap (using a glass container) and cover it
  • Wait a few minutes, then remove the cover and smell the water
  • If you can detect a bleach smell, there is probably chlorine in your water
  • A sulfur or rotten egg smell may be a signal of bacteria growth
  • How does your water taste? Is there a chemical flavor?

If your senses tell you that something may be “off” with your water, or if you’d prefer not to leave it to your own testing, use a DIY water-testing kit available through home improvement and online retailers. Generally, these kits come with plastic strips that change color when coming in contact with contaminants. While these tests aren’t perfect and don’t work for all contaminants, they can pick up on common problems with drinking water.

The truth is, your drinking water is far too important to trust to bureaucratic testing. Take matters into your own hands and find out what you and your family are consuming. It may be time to make a change. If so, King Water Filtration is here to help.