Which King Water Filtration System Is Best for You?

Sep 19 , 2022

Which King Water Filtration System Is Best for You?

Here at King Water, we offer over a wide array of water treatment systems because we understand that everyone’s filtration needs depend on multiple factors. For that reason, deciding which water filtration system is best for you is a very individualized decision. We’re taking the guesswork out of the decision and laying out all the factors you need to decide which system is best for your situation.

When choosing your system, there are six questions to consider before making your decision.

  1. Which contaminants are you most concerned about?
When looking for the best filtration system for your needs, you must narrow down your reasons. People seek out filtration systems for many different reasons. Perhaps your area has recently experienced a water treatment failure and has issued a warning flagging specific contaminants that you need to watch out for. Maybe your home has old pipes that need replacing, and you’d like to protect your family from anything lurking within until you can re-plumb. Maybe your water just doesn’t taste or smell as nice as you’d like.

Regardless of the water quality concerns you may have, King Water has the expertise and products to help with delivering clean and safe water throughout your home. 
  1. Are you filtering municipal water or well water?

In the United States, folks get their water from either a well or water that is treated through a municipal system. As you can imagine, both types have very different filtration needs. Municipal water, for example, already goes through some form of treatment and needs our extra-mile attention for chemicals that these systems are unable to filter for, like PFAs and other ‘forever chemicals’.

Filtering well water, on the other hand, is slightly more intensive because you’re not only filtering for chemical contaminants, but also for items such as iron, manganese and arsenic, as well as the turbidity, suspended solids and bacteria that municipal systems typically handle. That means we offer systems for any application.

  1. Do you want to filter the whole home’s water or just a few specific faucets?

Some customers only want to filter for a few specific points in their home, like the kitchen sink or bathroom faucets, and would rather not deal with installing a whole-home system. For these folks, an under-the-sink system offers rigorous filtration for each access point. For others, it can be better to purchase a whole-home filtration system that begins the filtration process as soon as the water enters your water line. This may be useful if your water’s coloring and smell are distasteful, or if your water has tested positive for contaminants that are also skin irritants.   


  1. Do you need filtration only, or is water softening also important?

Filtering out contaminants is a big job, but depending on your water source, that might be just the start. Hard water contains mineralslike calcium and magnesium that are difficult to work with when cleaning because the minerals in the water can lead to many plumbing issues and make cleaning around the home very difficult. In addition to this domestic frustration, hard water forms scale, which can build up in your pipes and fixtures, eventually necessitating cleaning or replacement. Sound familiar? Give King Water a call and speak with a water specialist to see which system may work best for your needs. 

  1. How large is your home?

One of the biggest factors you should consider is capacity. When looking for the right water filtration system, consider the size of your home and the number of bathrooms you have. That’s a key factor in knowing how much water you need.

If you choose to get a whole-home filtration device, you’ll notice that we categorize sizing based on the number of bathrooms in your home. For most folks, our base model, which covers up to four bathrooms, should get the job done, but we also offer a model which covers up to six bathrooms.

  1. Do you need to filter for specific contaminants, or for something you haven’t seen on our website?

Water is a vulnerable resource, one that varies from location to location. Depending on where you live and your local water source, there can be any number of contaminants in your household water. Some of them can be a health hazard, and others can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing and fixtures. Whatever your specific concerns, King Water Filtration will help you find the best water treatment system for you.

Our specialty Fluoride Series, for example, can filter different types of fluoride out of your water. We have another system designed to concentrate on removing arsenic and other heavy metals. If you’re still not seeing exactly what you’re looking for, you may want to contact us to discuss a custom home filtration system. We can build to your size specifications and filtration needs.

Water is something we use all day, every day. It’s a resource we count on to be there when we turn on the tap and that we count on to be safe and clean. That’s why choosing a water filtration system is a big decision. But you can be certain that a good system will help you save money on water bills, protect your water appliances and supply quality filtered water without the hassle of maintenance. And now that you are armed with these six critical answers, we hope you will find it easy to choose which water filtration system is best for you. If you would like to talk to a representative with King Water, you can schedule a consultation or reach out to us on our website.