Staying Hydrated in the Heat

May 16 , 2023

Staying Hydrated in the Heat

The weather’s getting hotter, schools are letting out and pools are opening. That can only mean one thing – summer’s almost here! You might be busting out your swimsuits and shorts but don’t forget to bring your water bottle along with you. You’ll need it: When temperatures start to climb, so do your chances of becoming dehydrated. In fact, roughly 1 in 4 Americans reportedly experience chronic dehydration. Don’t become another statistic. We’ll give you a few tips to make sure you stay hydrated this summer. 

Why Is Hydration Important?

When it comes to making sure our bodies function at their best, water is the secret sauce. In adults, water makes up around 55–60% of our bodies. In a properly hydrated body, water regulates temperature and protects our joints and sensitive tissues by providing protection and cushioning. Most importantly, proper hydration makes it easier to get rid of waste by-products that our bodies create through urination or by sweating.    

What Is Dehydration?

Dehydration happens when your water intake falls short of your body’s needs. Excessive physical activity or through exposure to heat can be the culprits here, though it can also be caused by illness or age. No matter the cause, dehydration causes your body’s temperature to rise, making it hard to retain the water that you need. Correspondingly, your ability to sweat is also compromised, making it even harder to cool down. Dehydrated people may experience headaches, fatigue and brain fog, as well as extreme thirst. This condition can lead to more serious medical issues like heat illnesses and should be treated as quickly as possible. Swift action is essential here: If you don’t hydrate, your health could be seriously impacted.

How do you keep from getting to the point of dehydration? We’re glad you asked.

How Can I Stay Hydrated?

  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. If you’re feeling thirsty, that means your body is already operating on a water deficit. Stay ahead of your thirst by drinking at regular intervals.
  • Keep hydrating, even when you’re out of the heat. Your body still needs to replace the hydration you lost through sweating after the fact, so keep hydrating after you come inside.
  • Drink the right amount of water for you. Everyone’s water needs vary according to their age and size, as well as their level of exertion and exposure to heat. Not sure what that amount is? This handy calculator will help you find out. Be sure not to drink too much – that can be harmful, too.
  • Beat the heat. Try to limit activity outside during peak sun hours. If you can shift outdoor activities to the morning or late afternoon or evening, you’ll lose less water and stay on top of your hydration better.

As the summer approaches, these tips will help you enjoy worry-free outdoor experiences. If you’re like most people, you might be dreading the amount of plastic water bottles you’ll need to get through this summer. Don’t worry – when you invest in a King Water Filtration system, you can say goodbye to wasteful water bottles and to any microplastics that might lurk within. If you’re interested in setting up a water system today, contact us at 1-855-957-2166 or schedule a consultation via our contact form. Happy hydrating!