Save $1,000 on Our Most Popular System

Eco Line


we are offering a special introductory price of $1,995.00 on our ECO model #948 4-Stage Municipal Water Filtration and Conditioning System. This unit normally sells for $2,995.00.

Plus, you'll get FREE SHIPPING!

King Water Filtration systems organically remove hundreds of volatile chemicals and contaminants, such as chlorine and various heavy metals like lead and mercury, even arsenic, which have been found in municipal drinking water all across the United States. These contaminants deteriorate plumbing fixtures, ruin appliances, affect air quality in your home, and can even negatively affect your health.

Test after test and more than 30 years of experience went into the development and design of our filtration systems. They are environmentally friendly and provide healthy, alkaline drinking water throughout your entire home; all while controlling hard water scale and extending the life of plumbing and your expensive appliances.

No company offers more value, technology or comprehensive warranties than Wayde King Water Filtration Systems.